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CEO Message
Avixgen is a bio-venture company established in Seoul, Republic of Korea in 2000.
Based on highly specialized and innovative technologies in the biomedical field, we focus on
developing the early diagnostic tools as well as therapeutics/treatments of virus-causing
diseases such as AIDS, which has been one of the most life-threatening diseases.

Our ultimate goal is to create promising novel drugs and high value-added biomedial products,
and to improve the global public health and welfare with the highest standard of scientific
excellence, ethics and integrity. To this end, our employees, experts in the field of molecular
virology, molecular biology, bioengineering, and chemistry, are dedicated to establish
innovative pipelines to bring such novel therapies.
All these effort and commitment will bring Avixgen to be a frontrunner among bio-ventures
that greatly contribute to enhance world public health and to be recognized globally as one
of leading companies in the biomedical industry.

Thank you.